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    The MAS Direct Network™ mission is to provide the leading edge, most comprehensive, easy to use technology product to the Floral Industry. We've established a network of nationwide professional technicians to provide service to the customer base at a level second to none, delivered professionally with enthusiasm and a smile. Read More

Popular Features

  • Order Processing
  • Customer Service System
  • POS Registers
  • Delivery Management
  • Marketing
The order processing module was designed on the premise that it must be easy to enter yet sophisticated. We accomplished just that. Most sales clerks can take an order without one minute of training. The system walks you through step by step as to what is required and you are unable to exit the order without filling in all mandatory fields. Read More

AccountThis program tracks every complaint, comment or positive reaction on every customer. It also stores history and depending on the particular issue an order can be sent to a supervisor or situation can be addressed before order is processed.

In addition it tracks employees, and reasons (sales, design, delivery, product, etc.).
It also keeps track of resolutions and costs affiliated with them. With 4 different types of reports this program will be very useful in your day to day operations.

The latest update to this program allows you the option to display issues. It will search the customer file and display the last 5 issues from new to old. You can access that issue immediately then resume order process.

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With all the functionality of order processing, it also provides split tendering, order lookup, barcode scanning and instant price verification plus many other Cash Register functions.

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BriefcaseA cornerstone of MAS Direct Network, not only does it organize, it provides for process and production control from the point an order is taken right through the entire delivery process. Orders are tracked every step of the way, starting with order to designer to driver to delivery to confirmation. This module also provides a list of deliveries and there status i.e. tagged, left with neighbor, left at front door, delivered, etc.

The Mapping System provides for automatic routing of trips, printing of maps and can provide turn by turn directions and GPS assistance to drivers. Upon completion it also thru MAS Direct Network allows remote delivery confirmation. This is the most comprehensive easy to use delivery system in our industry today.

  • Address Verification

MAS Direct Network has the most current comprehensive maps and address verification tables available that intercept wrong addresses at order entry.

  • Delivery Control Screen

Another cornerstone of the system that’s used extensively. It displays the orders/deliveries during the entire process; you will see it from the time it’s taken to the time it’s filled, to routed, to delivered.

  • Truck Display

The truck display allows you to see little trucks with driver’s names and access to each route on the delivery control screen. From here you have complete order access as well.

  • Delivery Status Updates

As deliveries are completed by the drivers, for systems with a telephone interface, they can quick dial and report the delivery status.  The automatic delivery attendant will update the order and send the appropriate confirmation to the customer, flower shop or wire service.  With smart phones, accessing a website will allow for remote delivery confirmation, while our electronic trip sheet program allows for signatures to be captured on iPADS, tablets, iPhones or Andorids.

  • Delivery Maps

Allows for overall map printing of the entire delivery area showing every stop as well as highlighted directions for drivers to follow when not using GPS.

  • Visual Routing

At any time during the delivery process you can display all deliveries on an overview map. This allows the dispatcher to visually see where all deliveries are going for better management.

  • Color Coded Deliveries

Deliveries can be displayed on the screen by the earliest orders placed to the most recent; this allows the dispatcher to set priorities. This feature is especially important during holidays and peak times as it enables you to reward customers who placed orders early.

  • Zoom Function

Designed with Fringe areas in mind but very helpful on all deliveries, allows you to look at actual address on map from the delivery control or order entry screen.

  • GPS

This feature easily downloads trips to a Garmin for turn by turn directions. Quick, easy and efficient eliminating errors and also helps monitor driver productivity.

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The creativity of MAS Direct Network shines with our expansive Marketing Module. MAS Direct Network marketing is one of the most powerful features of our system, giving total flexibility by accessing the customer master file or  the order master files based on buyers or recipient files for selection of various types of campaigns.  This enables superior customer service. A florists ability to access its customer base is only as limited as his or her imagination. From birthday or anniversary reminders to holiday featured selections, to specials targeted at any customer segment MAS Direct Network collects, maintains and manipulates information so you can reach out to your customer in an efficient manor and remain competitive in this ever changing business.

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Current Users

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    Get assistance with our trouble-ticket system. Click here to submit a ticket.
  • MAS Community Forum +

    The MAS Community Forum is a collective resource for all MAS users and staff to discuss new enhancements to the system, recommendations, and a variety of other helpful topics. Click here to log in.
  • MAS Direct Network Documentation +

    Our documentation server has tech notes and other helpful information about the MAS Direct Network System. Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • It is Easy to Use?

    I am not that computer savvy. Will I be able to use MAS DIRECT NETWORK and its functionality? Absolutely!! Actually MAS Direct Network doesn’t have a bunch of windows to click on and navigate around using a mouse. The MAS Direct Network Team travels onsite and trains you. You select
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  • Does MAS Direct Network track Inventory? Yes !! That’s just part of it. We track sales performance and deliveries also, we even send delivery confirmations automatically for you.
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    Can I Track Inventory?

  • No More Paper?

    Why should I stop paper invoicing and orders? The time it takes record every transaction for accounting, marketing, tax returns etc is done with every order in MAS Direct Network. The upfront investment will allow increased productivity so you can concentrate on your business. Plus it’s GREEN!!
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  • What are my Credit Card options? MAS Direct Network has developed relationships with three different companies to give you options that work best for you.  Advo Charge and Skipjack-allow you the most freedom provided independent banks interface with them .PPI – Is an all in one solution that allows you complete
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    Can I use my Credit Cards?

  • What equipment do I need? This all depends on the size of operation. You will need a High Speed Internet connection, working electrical outlets, PC and printer. With these items alone we can have you up and operational in no time.
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    Do I need Equipment?

  • What about Internet Orders?

    I don’t want to re-enter my Internet orders. Again no problem!  We provide your technical person our encrypted specs and orders flow into MAS Direct Network without manual entry.
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