Benefits of MAS Direct Network

It won’t be long after you make the commitment to MAS Direct Network that you begin to see the value in our partnership. It begins well before your installation with planning, to well after your installation is complete. Providing you the option of being 100% independent is the first step. The independent retail florist is always first with MAS Direct Network.

MAS Direct Network Communications Customer Service

MAS Direct Network provides a florist to florist communications customer service network that will transfer your wire orders directly from the sending florist’s MAS Direct Network system to the receiving florist’s MAS Direct Network system utilizing the internet plus much, much more.  The MAS Direct Network process also allows for selection of florists who do not have a MAS Direct Network system for a direct phone out.

  • Sending florist receives positive confirmation that order has been received at the filling florist
  • When an order is assigned to a designer, an automatic message is sent back to the sending florist and attached to the note pad of the order alerting them that the order is in the process of being filled.
  • When an order is filled, the date, time and designer name and number information is automatically sent back to the sending florist and attached to the note pad of the order.
  • When an order is assigned to a driver an automatic message is sent back to the sending florist alerting them that the order is in the process of going out on delivery.
  • When the driver makes the delivery, the MAS Direct Network system automatically sends the date and time order was delivered to the sending florist and the notes are attached to the note pad of the order.
  • The MAS Direct Network system will automatically send a delivery confirmation to sending florist’s customer alerting them that the delivery was made.
  • MAS Direct Network provides up to the minute status of any outgoing wire order as completed by the filling florist.  This allows for efficient customer service as the order details are at your fingertips.
  • The option to not lose rebates — the orders may be reported to the respective Wire Services.
  • No phone dialing or additional equipment.
  • Orders are delivered almost instantaneously with the highest reliability and security.
  • The look-up feature displays florists closest to furthest from the entered recipient’s address while on the order entry screen.
  • Real time order status between MAS DIRECT NETWORK florists: Order received, order assigned, order filled, order out on delivery, order delivered statuses.
  • The ability to set your own percentages between florists and get paid immediately


Easy to Use

MAS Direct Network operates in a browser. Being text base requires no intervention with a mouse with additional boxes and windows to open and close. Many of the largest companies in the world that require call centers operate on Linux based systems because of stability, simplicity and efficiency. It’s up to you whether to use a Windows PC or MAC.

Website Freedom

MAS Direct Network can be fully integrated with any custom website. Our Open API allows third party vendors to write to our specifications, which will seamlessly transmit your website orders into your MAS Direct Network System.

Credit Card Freedom

MAS Direct Network provides you with options for processing of your credit cards. We have integrated partners:  Elavon/Fusebox, Global Payment and Open Edge Pay.  Using our integrated partners enables you to make fewer errors, less charge-backs, less labor and receive detailed financial reports.

Open Edge Pay – Has no upfront fees and they are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Together OpenEdge and MAS Direct Network provide a simple yet robust solution for receiving your valuable dollars.  Open Edge provides a dedicated Team of professionals to assist you.

1.800.774.6462 x4939 or

Wire Service Freedom

Feel free to choose the Wire Service(s) of your choice! Bloomnet, Floral Source, Flower Shop Network, FTD or Teleflora – we integrate with all of them. You can even choose a fellow MAS Direct Network User and deal direct and get paid the same day.


Complete Accounting Integration

MAS Direct Network was developed to let the accounting professionals do what they do best, so we export to just about all solutions providing they have import/export capabilities. This enables you to pay attention to your business and do what you do best. MAS Direct Network users currently use Open Systems, Peachtree, Quickbooks, and Traverse accounting software.