Frequently Asked Questions

What is the upfront investment?


The MAS Direct Network philosophy is to minimize the amount of upfront costs at time of installation.  During the original analysis and planning phase of our partnership, we will ask for a hardware list to verify compatibility, and provide compatible replacement part numbers as necessary.  Each user has the option to choose dedicated onsite or remote installation and training.  Fees will vary based each individual user’s situation.


Does MAS Direct Network track Inventory?


Yes!  Inventory tracking can be for a single store or several.  You are able to set Low stock warning messages when levels reach a reordering point, as well as an out of stock message if a popular item sells out.



Does MAS Direct Network work with all the Wire Services?


Completely, 100% with Bloomnet, FTD, Flower Shop Network and Teleflora.



What are my Credit Card options?


MAS Direct Network has developed relationships with two industry leaders in credit card processing.  

Elavon/Fusebox allows the most flexibility as their gateway product integrates with several independent banks as well as wire service credit card possessing.

Global Payments/Heartland is a direct processing solution that provides complete independence.



What if I have multiple locations?


This is one of the strongest assets within MAS Direct Network. Provided you have a high-speed internet connection, MAS Direct Network will provide the same data to all locations. It also allows for central delivery and seamless inter-store transfers without intervention.


I don’t want to re-enter my Internet orders.


No Problem.  Orders will flow seamlessly into your system when your web provider writes to the specification of our Open API.


What about Barcode Interaction?


Simply stated barcodes can be scanned for accurate sales and accurate inventory counts. The software also implements barcode scanning in the design production and delivery processing modules.


Is there Remote Access?


MAS Direct Network supports secure remote system access so that officers, managers and key personnel can access and utilize the system will off-site.