Frequently Asked Questions

What about Internet Orders?

I don’t want to re-enter my Internet orders. Again no problem!  We provide your technical person our encrypted specs and orders flow into MAS Direct Network without manual entry.

What if I have 2 Stores?

What if I have multiple locations? This is one of the strongest assets within MAS Direct Network. Provided you have a high-speed internet connection MAS Direct Network will provide the same data to all locations. It also allows for central delivery and seamless inter-store transfers without intervention.

Can I use my Credit Cards?

What are my Credit Card options? MAS Direct Network has developed relationships with three different companies to give you options that work best for you.  Advo Charge and Skipjack-allow you the most freedom provided independent banks interface with them .PPI – Is an all in one solution that allows you complete independence.

Can I Use my Wire Service?

Does MAS Direct Network work with all the Wire Services? Completely 100% with Bloomnet, Floral Source, FTD, Flower Shop Network and Teleflora.

Can I Track Inventory?

Does MAS Direct Network track Inventory? Yes !! That’s just part of it. We track sales performance and deliveries also, we even send delivery confirmations automatically for you.

It is Easy to Use?

I am not that computer savvy. Will I be able to use MAS DIRECT NETWORK and its functionality? Absolutely!! Actually, MAS Direct Network doesn’t have a bunch of windows to click on and navigate around using a mouse. The MAS Direct Network Team travels onsite and trains you. You select the Menu and away you go step by step without leaving the Order Screen. If you do have a problem our staff is only a click away on your computer.

Do I need Equipment?

What equipment do I need? This all depends on the size of the operation. You will need a High-Speed Internet connection, working electrical outlets, PC, and printer. With these items alone we can have you up and operational in no time.

No More Paper?

Why should I stop paper invoicing and orders? The time it takes record every transaction for accounting, marketing, tax returns etc is done with every order in MAS Direct Network. The upfront investment will allow increased productivity so you can concentrate on your business. Plus it’s GREEN!!