MAS Direct Network Features

From order entry to inventory to delivery to back-office accounting and collections, MAS Direct Network surpasses all other products on the market with its comprehensive, yet intuitive approach to developing and managing customer accounts. The MAS Direct Network System was developed to build a florist business by fine-tuning operations and increasing customer loyalty. MAS Direct Network is made for the florist, large or small, with a vision to grow their business by taking advantage of unique marketing tools, up to the second reports and the commitment to continuous improvement of operations.

Order Processing

Sales Scripting
Scripting is available to help Sales Consultants enter orders. It displays questions to ask the customer but also provides a sales tool for selling particular items.
Personalized Address Book
The order entry module automatically maintains a recipient address book of all orders placed by a customer.  The recipient address book for the chosen customer record automatically displays when the program prompts for recipient information
Product Suggestion Box
This feature provides crucial product/sales information with suggestions by occasions or category to your Sales Consultants during order entry. You simply type in keywords and the program will display a selection in which the operator can choose based on product and occasion entered. After selection is made, by pressing another key you can display an actual picture from your website.
Internet Credit Card Authorization
Credit cards are automatically authorized or declined within seconds most often before hanging up with the customer, eliminating the need for a customer call back.
Enclosure Cards
The spell check feature highlights and corrects after completion. The multiple card lists allow any number of cards without leaving the screen.
Double Dating
Orders can be specified for delivery within a date range. This is a nice feature during holidays when you have received multiple orders from one account and there is delivery date flexibility.
Color Codification of Orders
Orders can print on different color paper to distinguish orders that require special attention, ie timed deliveries, pick-ups, wire-ins, etc.
E-Mail Tracking
E-mail addresses are requested (not required) during the order entry process so the system will automatically send e-receipts, delivery confirmations, invoice copies etc… E-mails are attractive and can be used as additional marketing tools after entry by offering specials. You may also send e-mails directly from the order.
Order Note Pad
This is one of the most important managerial tools available. It logs every single action from credit card approval to e-receipt to customer service.
Check Out Box
Orders that require additional handling or special attention will be directed to this area for review and special needs. There are 22 categories available that an order can be placed into for review. Some are automatic i.e. declined credit cards; some others that are frequently used are hospital and funeral homes. If your check out box is empty that means there are no issues with any orders.
Search on Steroids
You have the ability to find any order by any word that was entered at order entry.

Customer Service System

This program tracks every complaint, comment or positive reaction from every customer. It also stores history and depending on the particular issue an order can be sent to a supervisor or situation can be addressed before the order is processed.

In addition, it tracks employees, and reasons (sales, design, delivery, product, etc.).
It also keeps track of resolutions and costs affiliated with them. With 4 different types of reports, this program will be very useful in your day to day operations.

The latest update to this program allows you the option to display issues. It will search the customer file and display the last 5 issues from new to old. You can access that issue immediately then resume order process.

In House Gift Card Program

The MAS Direct Network Gift Card Program gives our customers one of the most powerful, easy to use marketing tools in the industry.

Multiple Usage
 Our cards can be used as promotional cards where cards can be programmed with certain value or can be used as a discount card with your choice of discounts.
The MAS Direct Network system will track the value of each card activated with the balance of each card. If you wish to use an expiration date it will provide tools to notify the customer.
User Activation
All Gift Cards are shipped with pre-assigned sequence numbers and you decide when to activate them and what value is assigned. You can assign different values based on any campaign you choose
Because each Gift Card has a unique sequence number assigned, they may be redeemed either in person or by phone. At the POS you may swipe and the balance will display on-screen.
Management Reports
You can print a report of all the active Gift Cards in the system and what balances remain. You can check any campaign to determine usage and feasibility for next use.
Affinity Cards
Use as a partnership with a local school or church.

In-House Rewards Program

A similar program to Gift Cards, you develop your program, set pricing and rewards based on purchases. Rewards are displayed on statement or visual upon request.

Live Accountability of Orders

From the moment an order is entered into your system your entire staff has access to any information and can perform superior customer service. Notes are kept about every aspect of the order starting with what time the order was taken to what time the designer started working on it to what time it was placed on the truck for delivery. These tools allow every member of the team from POS to Accounting to assist with increased proficiency thus increasing the bottom line.

POS Registers

With all the functionality of order processing, it also provides split tendering, order lookup, barcode scanning, and instant price verification plus many other Cash Register functions.

Delivery Management – MAS® Transit

A cornerstone of MAS Direct Network, not only does it organize, it provides for process and production control from the point an order is taken right through the entire delivery process. Orders are tracked every step of the way, starting with order to designer to driver to delivery to confirmation. This module also provides a list of deliveries and there status i.e. tagged, left with neighbor, left at front door, delivered, etc.

The Mapping System provides for automatic routing of trips, printing of maps and can provide turn by turn directions and GPS assistance to drivers. Upon completion it also thru MAS Direct Network allows remote delivery confirmation. This is the most comprehensive easy to use delivery system in our industry today.

Address Verification
MAS Direct Network has the most current comprehensive maps and address verification tables available that intercept wrong addresses at order entry.
Delivery Control Screen
Another cornerstone of the system that’s used extensively. It displays the orders/deliveries during the entire process; you will see it from the time it’s taken to the time it’s filled, to routed, to delivered.
Truck Display
The truck display allows you to see little trucks with driver’s names and access to each route on the delivery control screen. From here you have complete order access as well.
Delivery Status Updates
As deliveries are completed by the drivers, for systems with a telephone interface, they can quick dial and report the delivery status.  The automatic delivery attendant will update the order and send the appropriate confirmation to the customer, flower shop or wire service.  With smartphones, accessing a website will allow for remote delivery confirmation, while our electronic trip sheet module allows for signatures to be captured on iPADS, tablets, iPhones or Androids.
Delivery Maps
Allows for overall map printing of the entire delivery area showing every stop as well as highlighted directions for drivers to follow when not using GPS.
Visual Routing
At any time during the delivery process, you can display all deliveries on an overview map. This allows the dispatcher to visually see where all deliveries are going for better management.
Color Coded Deliveries
Deliveries can be displayed on the screen by the earliest orders placed to the most recent; this allows the dispatcher to set priorities. This feature is especially important during holidays and peak times as it enables you to reward customers who placed orders early.
Zoom Function
Designed with Fringe areas in mind but very helpful on all deliveries, allows you to look at the actual address on a map from the delivery control or order entry screen.
This feature easily downloads trips to a Garmin for turn by turn directions. Quick, easy and efficient, eliminating errors and also helps monitor driver productivity.

Real-Time Delivery Confirmation

Real-time delivery confirmation is a standout feature in MAS Direct Network. We were the first company to provide such excellent customer service with this product. While other florists are looking thru paperwork when a customer calls to get a status on delivery, florists who use MAS Direct Network provide this information proactively at the time of delivery, either thru a graphical email or text message. This enables your sales staff to continue to generate sales and performing exceptional customer service. This feature also updates automatically any wire service orders you have received thus eliminating additional fees for non-compliance.

Barcode Interaction

Simply stated barcodes can be scanned for accurate sales and accurate inventory counts. We also use barcoding in delivery routing as well as design production.

Live Inventory

  1. Full real-time inventory integrated to POS Cash Registers, Online Order Entry, Purchase Order and Wholesale System
  2. Handles multiple locations (keeping separate inventory for all locations).
  3. Recipe and Product costing modules.
  4. Integrated into our easy to use Purchase Order System.
  5. Handles merchandise transfers.
  6. Flower list generations of flowers needed for orders and weddings.
  7. Seasonal price entry capability.
  8. Barcodes: UPC alias codes.
  9. Detailed price sheets available by date ranges.
  10. Excellent Reporting:
    • Quantity on Hand report.
    • Low stock report.
    • Cost of Goods report
    • Inventory Evaluation report.
    • Dumpage to purchases report.
    • Products requirement report.
    • Individual product activity display


The creativity of MAS Direct Network shines with our expansive Marketing Module. MAS Direct Network marketing is one of the most powerful features of our system, giving total flexibility by accessing the customer master file or the order master files based on buyers or recipient files for the selection of various types of campaigns.  This enables superior customer service. A florists ability to access its customer base is only as limited as his or her imagination. From birthday or anniversary reminders to holiday featured selections, to specials targeted at any customer segment MAS Direct Network collects, maintains and manipulates information so you can reach out to your customer in an efficient manor and remain competitive in this ever changing business.

Design Room Productivity / Accountability

The system produces a report of designer productivity based on a single date or date range.  The report breaks down total hours worked, total orders filled, value produced in sum, by the hour as well as number of orders filled per hour.

Remote Reporting

Everyone likes to have their finger on the pulse; MAS Direct Network gives you the power stay in touch with your daily operations whether you are in the store or miles away on business. Simply choose the types of reports you would like to see, enter your email address and receive emails of valuable information.

Complete E-Commerce Integration

MAS Direct Network can be fully integrated with any website. Our Open API allows third-party vendors to write to our specifications, which will seamlessly transmit your website orders into your MAS Direct Network System.

Multi-Shop Capabilities (Our Specialty)

Since the inception of MAS Direct Network in 1996, MAS Direct Network was built to accommodate multiple locations. Providing separate financial data as well as having access to your entire customer base, orders are transferred seamlessly without leaving your PC. You can use different names so customers know which store product came from. You can track product movement from one location to another. The Merchandise Transfer tool is easy to use because its functionality is the same as order entry. It produces a work order, takes product out of inventory and tracks the cost of goods for each location in the General Ledger. Central delivery, one of the cornerstones of MAS Direct Network, makes multiple locations even more manageable. All reporting can be done from one location to get corporate totals for continue shop management.

Wire Service Interfaces

MAS Direct Network continually listens to the needs of our users. We now interface with Bloomnet, Floral Source, Flower Shop Network, FTD and Teleflora. We also provide interfaces for delivery companies, telephone and other types of communication equipment. Being able to adapt to the Florists needs is essential in today’s business climate.

Accounts Receivable

MAS Direct Network provides a comprehensive yet simple approach for users to manage the accounts receivable functions. Notes can be made on customer accounts at the time of purchase that build a history of information on that particular customer identifying both purchase and payment patterns with also any pending concerns. Most florists have 50% to 75% of their business in “house accounts” this creates a significant burden on payment collection. The MAS Direct Network Accounts Receivable program addresses the issue of cash flow and minimizing bad debt. Providing a system for collections, MAS Direct Network drives the process of collections by giving time frames with call scripts and letters offering a place to keep notes on the progress being made. Some florists have drastically reduced labor costs involved in this effort due to system efficiency and in other cases a quicker turnaround of payments.

Wedding Special Events

The Wedding Special Events program is designed to take and manage orders efficiently tracking the order every step of the way.

The system guides you through your order entry by displaying the questions that should be asked of the customer. PROPOSALS are printed summarized or in full detail, depending how much information you want to show the customer. Proposals are then changed to ORDERS and when it is time to fill the orders the Work Orders are printed and designers fill from the work orders. The wedding module interfaces with the delivery system automatically writing delivery records, pick-ups and movements so that delivery manager can see what deliveries are or pick-ups that have to be made. RENTALS are tracked and a rental online inventory system is available during order entry. The system alerts you when items are not available. A FLOWER LIST is produced in full product detail so that product can be ordered efficiently. Deposits and payments are easily entered and tracked. Overall, the system is very easy to use yet comprehensive.

Wholesale System

The MAS Direct Network Wholesale System was incorporated as an option for companies that operate both retail and wholesale. The functionality is basically the same, so combining them is a tremendous asset to any organization that has both sales divisions.

Components Include:

  • Sales order entry and invoicing
  • EDI compliant
  • Fax and email integration
  • Standing orders.
  • Purchase order & receiving (label printing interface via P.O. system)
  • Import venders from QuickBooks, open systems, traverse and other accounting systems
  • Automatic interface of po’s and gl transactions to popular accounting packages.
  • Snap shot view of inventory qty on hand and any day in the past.
  • Easy entry of inventory adjustments to inventory.
  • Merchandise transfer software to track mdse movement between stores to the gl.
  • Accurate cost of goods allocation to stores.
  • Remote stores can enter merchandise transfer requests on line.
  • The capability of reserving inventory for sales made in advance.
  • Detail & summarized product requirements report. (great help to the buyers).
  • Price sheet printing, faxing and emailing capabilities
  • Integrated website capability
  • Wireless handheld terminal to scan in inventory counts.
  • Internet credit card authorization.
  • Full blown accounts receivable & billing including multi-cycle statements and invoices
  • Delinquent control online entry system link to delinquent follow-up letters and reminders in excel and word.
  • Executive management reporting of critical business performances available on demand
  • Pos and pos auditing system, including payments at register and paid outs
  • Delivery system and routing, optional map printing with Google Maps.
  • Remote store connectivity of all locations via the internet.

MAS  Cool®

MAS Cool® is a product that monitors your coolers to assure that the coolers are at the correct temperature range. The way it works is that sensors are installed in your coolers MAS Cool® is connected to these sensors by way of internal IP addresses. Based on options you set, MAS Cool® monitors the sensors and alerts you via e-mail, text message or phone when there is an unacceptable variance in temperature.