Strategic Partners

MAS Direct Network Direct Network is very pleased to announce MAS Direct Network Connect Plus. This feature allows florists to install the full MAS Direct Network Business Management system without the need of an onsite server and greatly reduces the capital investment needed to install MAS Direct Network. Originally designed for the smaller single locations it now provides the entire functionality of MAS Direct Network for single and multi-shop retail locations both small and large.

What is MAS Direct Network Connect Plus?

  • MAS Direct Network will host your system at one of our secure data storage sites
  • Available to florists with multiple locations
  • You have the entire MAS Direct Network System at your fingertips
  • You do not have to purchase a server
  • Don't have to worry about the¬†weather knocking out your server
  • No server maintenance
  • Your data is completely secure and encrypted
  • Your data is backed-up nightly
  • You don't have to worry about exchanging servers every several years. You will never outgrow your server.
  • Provides flexibility as you add stores and expand