Strategic Partners

MAS Direct Network has developed relationships with many 3rd Party Companies. These are some that we highly recommend, that work very closely with our current users. If you have a special company that you would like to use have them inquire with us to see what synergies there are.

McShan Florist

McShan Florist is the test bed for all functionality within MAS Direct Network. When MAS Direct Network was initially built, it was developed based on the daily operations of McShan Florist. Naturally, converting 61 years of Quality, Style and Service into programming has been a monumental task. We hope at some point in time you do get to stop by and see how and why the functionality of MAS Direct Network was developed.

Safeguard – Forms & Marketing Materials

Safeguard, also known as Compuforms, has been helping the floral industry for over 35 years by supplying shops of all sizes with printed marketing materials and internal forms. We specialize in customer full color gift cards along with internal forms such as laser enclosure cards, statements, envelopes and all in one forms.

Service Objects – Reverse Phone Lookup

Validate. Verify. Correct. Score.

In real-time, Service Objects can validate your contacts, verifying that the name, street address, IP address, e-mail address, and phone number are not only correct but also related to that consumer. The result: Instant recommendations for every transaction – accept, reject, or review. Service Objects saves you money by making sure your customer information is correct and up-to-date. Don’t waste time or money with bogus contact information! Whether you have hundreds or thousands of customers, Service Objects’ family of DOTS Web Services make your life easier and add money to your bottom line.

Fonality – PBX Phone Solutions

Makes a great phone system even better.
For florists who desire to take their operations one step further, providing true end-to-end customer care and staff productivity, the Fonality PBXtra® business phone system is the perfect companion to MAS Direct Network. This affordable phone system employs enterprise-class features that enhance a caller’s first impression, further streamline order entry functions, and integrates with the MAS Direct Network system.

Benefits of the PBXtra Business Phone System

Call Center Capabilities
From basic telephone functionality to advanced features like automatic call distribution, call queues, call recording, skills-based routing, detailed reporting, and more, PBXtra has the right telephony solution for floral shops of all shapes and sizes.

PBXtra has mobility features built in. Instant telecommuting capabilities enable you and your employees to work from home or on the road; and forward calls to your mobile phone. Fonality has pioneered FindMe® with Boomerang® Mobile Integration, a feature that allows callers to find you wherever you are; at your desk, on your cell phone, on a delivery, in the greenhouse, or at the floral design facility.

Automated MAS Direct Network Screen Pop-Up with Customer Profile
PBXtra ensures that all customer calls makes it to the right person. It talks with MAS Direct Network to ‘recognize’ the caller as an existing customer in the MAS Direct Network database or through contact information rendered from a state or national database, enabling the sales agent to offer a custom, friendly greeting.

If your florist business is growing, what better way to support that growth than with a platform that can take you from small to large without requiring any major system overhauls along the way?

With PBXtra’s hybrid-hosted architecture, your florist business can enjoy worry-free reliability 24/7. Our part premise and part hosted system ensures that your system is proactively monitored and maintained around the clock. When you can count on your phone system, your customers can count on you.

Free Software Updates
One big advantage with PBXtra and MAS Direct Network is that software improvements & upgrades occur quite often ensuring that your technology solution grows and advances along with you.


AdvoCharge is a merchant service provider that educates our clients about the credit card processing industry while saving them significantly. Savings for our clients are routinely 70-90% over the fees paid to their previous card processor. We offer both retail and eCommerce solutions and currently work with many independent florists. As a result, we understand the unique challenges in the floral industry.

Open Edge Pay

Open Edge Mission
Our mission is to be the industry’s leading technology-focused merchant payment services company by providing unparalleled service, technology and professionalism which will help businesses bridge the gap between information technology and payment services, allowing our customers to achieve a dominant competitive advantage. We anticipate the needs of our partners better than anyone else and drive our entire team to fulfill those needs for our customers through leading edge technical solutions, dedicated account management and an ever-evolving support infrastructure

Open Edge – Has no upfront fees and they are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Together Open Edge and MAS Direct Network provide a simple yet robust solution for receiving your valuable dollars. Open Edge provides a dedicated Team of professionals to assist you.


It is the mission of the epicFlowers family to provide the absolute best service and internet software/technology. Our dedicated team is passionate about internet technology, especially web design, and mobile websites. We strive to never become complacent. We are always evolving, researching and looking into the future for useful and productive software as a service improvements to aid our growing number of epicFlorists. Our websites are affordable, are built on a simple to use/modify eCommerce platform, and will improve your conversion rate and average order price. Many florists are also taking advantage or of our mobile site service and converting dollars that were lost prior to launching their mobile and tablet ready responsive sites designed specifically for the mobile user experience. Read our customer’s testimonials to learn how we are making brick and mortar florists successful online.

Media 99

In today’s business technology environment experience speaks louder than words. Having over 40 years combined experience with virtually every aspect of the floral industry and over five years as a strong, growing team makes a great statement about our company all on its own.

Who are we? We are a group of creative designers, programmers and marketing specialists who cater to the unique technology needs of the floral industry. Our company is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Why are we the best at what we do? We realize that the flower business is like no other business around. An in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the floral wire services, the retail florist’s business, and the rapidly changing technology world gives us a very distinctive edge. Add to that our flexibility of design, a complete range of services, extensive programming capabilities and the fact we love what we do. It’s a blend that makes for a dedicated team that strives to be the very best now and in the road ahead.

Our Users

MAS Direct Network was initially developed at McShan Florist, however since we have branched out to other retail florists, we have learned that other shops have special things and great ideas that assist them in day to day operations. That is the backbone of MAS Direct Network, OUR USERS. Every one of our users has contributed in one way or another to the success of MAS Direct Network and its programs. We were developed by REAL FLORISTS for REAL FLORISTS.