“When we decided our computer system needed to come into the new century we looked at the major systems, the only one that did more than it promised was MAS. There was no pie in the sky gimmicks that would never happen, just solid programming and stable hardware.

Since switching to MAS in September 2005 we have never had a day we regretted the move. Having a non wire service independent computer system was, is and will remain a critical factor for us. MAS has consistently updated, improved and amazed us. If you are business oriented, and are looking for the flat out best floral computer system, it is MAS. The E service help desk is awesome, we have never had an issue where we felt alone, case in point, a few weeks ago late on a Friday night (after 8pm Pacific) I had a problem with printing statements and I put in an e-service. Gina called me and we had it fixed in a few minutes, I felt that was above and beyond. My previous provider wanted to charge me $200 just to answer the phone after 4pm!

I would not trade my system for any amount of money!

K. Hill
Beaverton Florists, Inc.


We have started sending personalized birthday cards to people who in previous years “Received” floral arrangements. They are invited to stop in for a free gift and our hope is to turn them into buyers themselves. MAS provides all the information we need to target these prospects in an effective manner

B. Sheffield
Ashalnd-Addison Florist
Chicago, Ill

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